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What is this?
A step by step calculator which shows you how to do math on the fly each step at a time.

How to Use?
Enter your problem in the text box to the right in the Calculator area.

What can it Solve?
Order of Operation

What do different people call it?
It goes by order of operation calculator, pemdas calculator, and more.

What is PEMDAS?
Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract
HOWEVER!!! Multiply/Divide and Add/Subtract are interchangeable. Which ever comes first from left to right is which is solved. If multiplication is first then it does it then divide.
Example: 2*3/2*1. Multiply, divide, multiply.
Example: 4/2*4/2. Divide, Multiply, Divide.
Example: 1-2/3+4*5. Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Add
Let our PEMDAS calculator which show work show you how its done.
History All/Yours?
This shows you the last 10 correctly solved problems for everyone and yourself.

History Again?
We also are recording every math problems so we can know which are solved correctly, incorrectly according to user, and incorrectly according to error. This way we can continually improve the experience of the calculator and make sure we are providing the most accurate solution at all times.

We can not guarantee 100% accuracy. We have done our best to make sure its as close to 100% as we can get. However, we hope this is a tool to help learn how math is done and to confirm that a math problem is correct not a place to copy.

Step by Step Calculator

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